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How do I create a bibliography in Microsoft Office Word 2007?

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As a student you need to be aware that there are several kinds of bibliographies which may be assigned to you. An annotated bibliography is different than a regular bibliography and a works cited is also different from a bibliography. A bibliography, when associated with a paper generally refers to the collection of all the works used within the research of a particular document. An annotated bibliography is a listing of the materials along with a short summary of the content of that material. A works cited contains only the content that has been cited within the document.

That said, Microsoft Office Word 2007 will allow you to create a standard bibliography or works cited page through a nearly automated system. 

So let's talk steps.

1. Open the document in Word 2007.

2. Go to the last blank page of the document. (You may need to create a blank page using the insert > blank page option)

3. Go to the tab labeled "References." 

4. Look for the area in the ribbon labeled "Citations and Bibliography."

5. Click "Manage Resources."

6. Click "New." (Or, if you already have an entry you wish to edit, click "Edit.")

7. Choose the type of source from the drop down menu labeled "Type of Source." Fill in the appropriate blanks (Author, Title, etc.)

8. Click okay. 

9. Follow steps 6 through 8 until finished with adding new or editing sources.

10. If you are starting with a completely new set of information, it will show up under "Current List." If you are starting with an older database you may need to select the content you want to use and click the word "Copy" to move it to the current list. Either way, make sure that any materials you wish to cite  in the bibliography are within the current list box.

11. When finished building your list, click close.

12. Now look in the area in the ribbon labled "Citations and Bibliography."

13. Choose you style format from the drop down menu labeled "Style." (This list contains several "usually used," styles that are often applied to papers.)

14. Next click on the drop down menu labeled "Bibliography." Choose your Works Cited or Bibliography option.

You have now successfully used Microsoft Office Word 2007 to construct a Bibliography

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