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How do I drop a class?

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So I’ve had some mixed messages about Drop/Adds –

According to  one source, if you are not a freshman, all you have to really do is go to webadvisor and drop your class from there. However, I personally recommend following the longer procedure, just to be sure that the drop is official and not just an appearance of a drop. In fact, now that I have read the procedures, I definitely recommend following it.

-----Begin Procedure----- 

The procedure is:

A student may drop a class prior to, or on the last day to drop courses for the semester. (See the University Academic Calendar or the Schedule of Courses for drop dates for 8-week courses.) 

1. Obtain a Lincoln University Schedule Change form from the Records Office.


2. Have the form signed by your advisor.


3. Sign the form yourself.


4. Return the form to the Records Office.


5. Keep the yellow copy for your records.

*Please note failure to withdraw properly will result in an automatic F grade in the courses affected. Also, students may not completely drop all classes on WebAdvisor. You must complete a Lincoln University Withdrawal form--even if only for one course.


-----End Procedure-----


You do not, apparently, need the signature of instructors for this.


Oh, also, the final drop date is:


November 26, 2012           Last day to drop classes for 2nd 8-week and/or 16-week classes


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